Let Food Be Thy Medicine Let Thy Medicine Be Food Cooking For Mind, Body, and Spirit Healthy Eating Is Its Own Reward

Cooking For Mind, Body, and Spirit

Senseworldcafe and Chef d specialize in alternative health, food, and cooking, no matter what your dietary restrictions. Allergies, dietary regimens, whole foods, vegan, religious restrictions, and budget conscious health foods.

Healing Foods

Some foods and ingredients are by nature healthier than others. Certain foods like mushrooms, herbs, and spices have been known for centuries to have health tonic effects. Other foods contribute hard to find nutrients, and can help with weight loss, digestion and mineral absorption. Whole foods, while not yet endorsed by modern science, are the foundation of a wellness diet.

Personal Chef

In the Missoula Montana area Chef d is available by appointment for individual meals, special occasions, and in-home cooking classes.  A graduate of Portland Oregon's Western Culinary Institute, Chef has over twenty years of culinary experience. Please contact for availability and rates.

Food Consulting

When trying to make healthy choices the modern supermarket can feel like a war zone. Senseworldcafe offers personalized food and shopping consulting designed to help individuals make better decisions in food selection, budgeting, and prepararation. Any and all dietary restrictions are welcomed, whether for personal, medical, or religious reasons.

Custom Cookbooks

Whether trying to change dietary habits, or just increase cooking skills and abilities Chef d can create custom cookbooks for individual clients, organizations, or for a one of a kind personalized gift. As this is an extremely individualized product please contact for details.

Building better better health, one meal at a time.